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The Cookie Diet

The Cookie Diet Guide 2011

Currently, to be slim can be reached by the stomach that does not have to starve. How modern diet has shifted from hunger by delaying hunger. The Cookie Diet is one alternative.

There are several kinds of popular Cookie Diet today, namely the Hollywood Cookie Diet, Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet and the Smart For Life Diet.

The origin of Cookie Diet
Cookie diet was first discovered by Sanford Siegal, MD, a physician who handles many obese patients. In 1975 the cookie diet concept was developed by him and assisted patients in weight-loss program.

How Cookie Diet Works
Cookie diets contain certain amino acids that function suppress hunger; fiber and other components are digested by the body more slowly in time so as to provide a sense of satiety in man. By consuming 4 to 6 cookies per day, meaning you have entered about 500 calories into your body.

In the cookie diet, breakfast and your lunch is replaced by the cookies. While the dinner of protein and vegetables or salad. Total calory for dinner  is 300-1000 calories. So the total calorie intake is 800 to 1500 calories per day.

Each person who ate 800 calories per day will certainly happen to weight loss. However, very low calorie diet such less recommended from a health standpoint. Dieters can even fall into nutrient deficiencies. Therefore, usually 800 calories per day diet is also accompanied by consuming supplements to meet nutritional needs.

Cookie Diet Offer Various Options of Flavor
Each cookie contains calories for about 90-150 calories. The cookie is available in a variety of variants taste like chocolate, blue berry, oatmeals, banana and coconut. This cookie is very light, packed easy to carry and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator.

In the cookie diet recommended by the Siegal, dinner includes 4-6 ounces of protein, accompanied with steamed or raw vegetables. With the estimated number of calories is 300 calories. They must drink 8 glasses a day, including white water and other beverages like coffee non calory, tea and other beverages without calories. Be careful with fruit juices, because the content of the calories in juice are sometimes not taken into account. Some experts even refer to the fruit juice as the liquid calory. In addition, they should not consume alcohol, fruit, milk, candy other than those recommended.

According to experts, the cookie diet can be the right diet choice for people who struggle to set appropriate menu calorie diet prescribed. The cookie diet offers convenience and simplicity in diet  management. The perpetrators of the cookie diet said that it is very heavy through the first 2 weeks because in addition to a diet they should keep doing sports. But when all was used, then the next was easy.

It would be nice if the dieter to stay satisfied, keep his appetite and to see encouraging results in the form of weight loss as expected. Still, the initial stock is a strong intention and commitment.

If you interested inthe Cookie Diet it would be better to get the best guide of the Hollywood Cookie Diet. Set your own cookie diet plan and loose your weight!

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